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New at Erratics – the largest meteorite crater in the world

The clinching evidence for the Vredefort dome being formed by an impact did not come from aerial photos, but from under the microscope. Continue reading

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The baking of an angular unconformity: Hutton’s Unconformicake

One of the most famous sites in the history of geology – in cake form!. Chris’s entry for Accretionary Wedge #30: the bake sale Continue reading

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The making of an angular unconformity: Hutton’s unconformity at Siccar Point

Photos and video from a geo-pilgrimage: an in-depth look at Hutton’s Unconformity, and the geological history that it represents. Continue reading

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The fault that made a mountain range

How the Teton Range and the Teton Fault are essentially the same thing. Continue reading

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Friday Focal Mechanisms: Haiti, revisited

The new research that acquits the Enriquillo Fault of causing the Haiti earthquake. Continue reading

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