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Geobloggers for DonorsChoose: Jacquelyn Gill

It’s a good week to promote geoscience education. Not only is it Earth Science Week, but science bloggers everywhere are involved in their annual drive to provide much needed educational resources to US schoolteachers through DonorsChoose. Forcing schools to beg … Continue reading

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Wisdom from the Geoblogosphere School of Learning & Doing (Accretionary Wedge #38)

Welcome to the Geoblogosphere School of Learning & Doing. Let’s begin with a story by one of our students, Michael Klaas of Uncovered Earth. He writes… “On a warm evening in May of 2008 I sat upon a cinder cone … Continue reading

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Stay broad! Why you should fight the intellectual narrows

For this month’s Accretionary wedge, my co-blogger Anne is asking us to mark the beginning of a new teaching year by pondering the nature of education in the geoscience. As a post-doc, I may not be in the best position … Continue reading

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Simulating river processes…ooh shiny, stream table!

I’ve got a shiny new Emriver Em2 river processes simulator (i.e., stream table), thanks to departmental equipment funds and enthusiastic colleagues. I’ve been on sabbatical this semester and away from campus, so I haven’t had a chance to play with … Continue reading

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Hydrologist + professor = Anne’s answers to career profile questions

A few weeks ago, I was asked to answer some questions for a career profile section of a website aimed at students looking at college degree options. The website creators wanted to use me as their profile of a hydrologist, … Continue reading

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