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How useful are lectures, really?

There has been an interesting discussion amongst the geologists on Twitter, that I’ve archived over on Geotweeps Discuss…, over the role of the lecture in undergraduate education. This was in response to an NPR story claiming that in physics at … Continue reading

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Scenic Saturday: Wood in Streams

One of our field trips in my Fluvial Processes class takes the students to the lower reaches of Mallard Creek, the urban stream that drains the northern portion of Charlotte, including our campus. For most of its length, Mallard Creek … Continue reading

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Scenic Saturday: Whitewater rafting in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This semester I am teaching a class on fluvial (river) processes that encompasses aspects of both hydrology and geomorphology. One of my goals is to take my students to as many of sizes and shapes of river as possible over … Continue reading

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Geobloggers for DonorsChoose: Deep Sea News

During Earth Science Week, your friendly Highly Allochthonous Bloggers are supporting the

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Geobloggers for Donorschoose: Maitri Erwin

Continuing our campaign to promote geoscience education during Earth Science Week, today we give you Maitri Erwin, who has thrown herself enthusiastically into this years DonorsChoose Science Bloggers for Students challenge as part of the Ocean and Geobloggers Collective. As … Continue reading

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