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New at Erratics: Chalk is weird

The theme for the upcoming Accretionary Wedge is ‘weird geology’. In his contribution, Simon Wellings takes a look at what might superficially appear to be an unlikely subject: the chalk that forms the rolling hills of southern England: No texture, … Continue reading

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New at Erratics: more adventures in copper mineralisation

Nina Fitzgerald, our latest Earth Science Erratics contributor, continues and concludes her run of guest posts with two more articles on copper mineralisation. In the first, she explains the role of hydrothermal sulphide mineralisation in forming copper ore: Still wondering … Continue reading

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New at Erratics: from lahar to suevite

In his second post at Earth Science Erratics Simon Wellings reveals a rather interesting deskcrop, collected from Scotland in his youth: Since it was picked up, this rock has changed identities: what was once thought to be a mud flow … Continue reading

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Using rock cubes to learn about hydrogeology

Dunking rocks in water – and doing some measurements and calculations – helps my students get a hands-on understanding of porosity. Continue reading

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Glacial deposits new and old in the Scottish isles

Islay – one of the birthplaces of the Snowball Earth. And good whisky. Continue reading

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