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All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again: an introduction to How the Earth Works

For a couple of years now, I’ve been telling a story at the beginning of the introductory geology course I teach, called How the Earth Works. I like to think it gives a flavour of the kinds of stories you can tell about the Earth, if you know how to look: stories of how the world slowly remakes itself over hundreds of millions of years, of how the very high was once the very low, and will be again. This is that story. Continue reading

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A land of basalt and chalk

We’ve just spent a great week exploring Ireland, which included very sunny days on the Antrim Coast of Northern Ireland. Anne sometimes teases me for picking holiday itineraries based more on the the prevailing geology more than the prevailing weather, … Continue reading

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Scenic Saturday: a pilgrimage back to the grand granitic tors of Dartmoor

The high and rugged scenery of Dartmoor is as wild and untamed a landscape as you’re likely to find in the United Kingdom, and would seem to have more in common with the Scottish Highlands than the prim and proper … Continue reading

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New at Erratics: the mysterious iron ore of Bell Island, Conception Bay, Newfoundland

We’re pleased to welcome our latest contributer to Earth Science Erratics: Tim Sherry, a graduate student at McGill University. His first entry (cross-posted from Tim’s newly created geoblog, Up-Section), gives an account of a memorable stop on a recent field … Continue reading

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Scenic Saturday: Waterfalls need the right rocks as well as water

Earlier this year, I spent a pleasant day hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. One of the places I visited was Grotto Falls; not the world’s tallest waterfall, but rather handsome all the same. Being an unabashed geonerd, … Continue reading

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