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Mystery Geology Theatre 2012

Yesterday was, of course, the long-awaited day of the apocalypse, as we reached the end of the Mayan calendar. The fact that the descendants of the Maya didn’t buy this interpretation was, of course, beside the point, as were all … Continue reading

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The slowly building threat of Cascadia – and the slow realisation it was there (book review)

If you asked the average person on the street which part of the USA was most threatened by earthquakes, most of them would probably say California. The San Andreas Fault is so embedded into the popular consciousness that it is … Continue reading

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Why does a compass point north? A mystery at the heart of the story of science (book review)

Strange as it might seem, I’m finding North Pole, South Pole, paleomagnetist Gillian Turner’s newly published account of “the epic quest to solve the great mystery of Earth’s magnetism”, a difficult book to review. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy … Continue reading

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Written in Stone: the interview

To accompany our review of Written in Stone, a couple of weeks ago Anne and I sat down with its author, our good friend and fellow blogger Brian Switek, for what turned into a fascinating discussion of his book, the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Written in Stone by Brian Switek

Palaeoblogger extraordinaire Brian Switek has often expressed frustration at the fact that many recent popularisers of evolution have a habit of downplaying the importance of the fossil record in studies of evolution. However, when reading the opening chapters of Written … Continue reading

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