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Mystery Geology Theatre 2012

Yesterday was, of course, the long-awaited day of the apocalypse, as we reached the end of the Mayan calendar. The fact that the descendants of the Maya didn’t buy this interpretation was, of course, beside the point, as were all … Continue reading

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Dear Nature, You got a sexist story, but when you published it, you gave it your stamp of approval and became sexist too.

Dear Nature, “Womanspace” by Ed Rybicki is the most appalling thing I have ever read in a scientific journal. When I read the Futures (science fiction) piece you published on 29 September 2011, about how the hero and a man … Continue reading

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Stay broad! Why you should fight the intellectual narrows

For this month’s Accretionary wedge, my co-blogger Anne is asking us to mark the beginning of a new teaching year by pondering the nature of education in the geoscience. As a post-doc, I may not be in the best position … Continue reading

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If you’re waiting for an earthquake warning, you’re doing it wrong

The magnitude 6.3 earthquake that stuck central Italy near the city of L’Aquila in April 2009 killed more than 300 people, made tens of thousands more homeless, and caused billions of Euros’ worth of damage. No-one could have predicted exactly … Continue reading

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How to (and how not to) talk about earthquake hazards in the media

Susan Hough: take a bow. Simon Winchester: don’t. Continue reading

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