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Writing Challenge: The end, or is it?

“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” – Douglas Adams I’m a week overdue for my final sciwrite check in, and I didn’t make my goal of submitting the manuscript by the time … Continue reading

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Writing Challenge, Week 3: Slow and steady

It’s been three weeks since I issued the initial challenge to join me in a month-ish of intense writing activity. Last week I needed to redefine what I meant by making satisfactory progress, and several of you shared your own … Continue reading

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Dear Nature, You got a sexist story, but when you published it, you gave it your stamp of approval and became sexist too.

Dear Nature, “Womanspace” by Ed Rybicki is the most appalling thing I have ever read in a scientific journal. When I read the Futures (science fiction) piece you published on 29 September 2011, about how the hero and a man … Continue reading

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Scenic Saturday: Wood in Streams

One of our field trips in my Fluvial Processes class takes the students to the lower reaches of Mallard Creek, the urban stream that drains the northern portion of Charlotte, including our campus. For most of its length, Mallard Creek … Continue reading

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A writing challenge

Are you up for a challenge? A writing challenge? A friendly, mutually-supportive writing challenge?* I need to write some papers. My tenure portfolio goes out for review in May, and I want to get a couple more papers into review … Continue reading

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