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Scenic Saturday: Wood in Streams

One of our field trips in my Fluvial Processes class takes the students to the lower reaches of Mallard Creek, the urban stream that drains the northern portion of Charlotte, including our campus. For most of its length, Mallard Creek … Continue reading

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A writing challenge

Are you up for a challenge? A writing challenge? A friendly, mutually-supportive writing challenge?* I need to write some papers. My tenure portfolio goes out for review in May, and I want to get a couple more papers into review … Continue reading

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Diversity in the geosciences and the impact of social media

In the September issue of GSA Today, you can find our article on The Internet as a resource and support network for diverse geoscientists. Where do we go from here? Continue reading

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The responsibilities of the English-speaking co-author

Should they be blamed for poorly written papers from non-English speaking lead authors?
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RSS @ Sciencedirect and GSA

It turns out that Sciencedirect do have subdiscipline RSS feeds – they’re just a little hidden away.
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