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Bringing the stream to the people

With the help of four students and my daughter, we brought out the Emriver stream table and a groundwater model to teach hundreds of folks about urban hydrology, stormwater management, fluvial geomorphology, and groundwater pollution. Our booth was one of … Continue reading

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Geological mayhem and destruction in 2012: not the end of the world, just business as usual

We don’t live on a boring planet. 2012 will be plagued by natural disasters, but so is every other year. Continue reading

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A short FAQ on earthquakes and fracking

While there are plenty of important reasons to scrutinise this fracking business, the risk of triggering earthquakes is not one of them. Continue reading

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Geobloggers for DonorsChoose: Deep Sea News

During Earth Science Week, your friendly Highly Allochthonous Bloggers are supporting the

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Geobloggers for Donorschoose: Maitri Erwin

Continuing our campaign to promote geoscience education during Earth Science Week, today we give you Maitri Erwin, who has thrown herself enthusiastically into this years DonorsChoose Science Bloggers for Students challenge as part of the Ocean and Geobloggers Collective. As … Continue reading

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