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Oman’s view of the Snowball Earth

Evidence from my field area of extreme climatic fluctuations 700 million years ago – but does it support the notion that the whole planet froze over?
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Neoproterozoic signs of life

Whilst the the dawn of the Cambrian clearly marked the diversification of mobile, active animals and biomineralisers, the story of their first origins appear to have begun much earlier.
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The amazing disappearing asymmetric magnetic reversals

Weird field behaviour in the Neoproterozoic vanishes when you add more data to the mix.
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What do you know about the Snowball Earth?

An informal poll – please respond.
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The Stirling fauna: big critters from the dawn of time?

I really wasn’t intending to leave Geopuzzle 14 hanging out unanswered on the interweb for as long as it has – and not just because my delay has apparently put my beer stash in jeopardy. The answer is actually both … Continue reading

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