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Scenic Saturday: Minnesota, Land of Lakes

In Minnesota, two Saturdays ago, the weather was ridiculously warm, but the trees knew it was autumn and were well into their fall foliage fireworks. It was the perfect afternoon to enjoy a walk around one of Minnesota’s most famous … Continue reading

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The Driftless Area: Fewer glaciers but more topography than the rest of Minnesota

Tucked into the corner where Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa meet there’s a special area with a Quaternary history that sets it apart from the rest of the northern United States. At the Last Glacial Maximum, the Des Moines lobe lay … Continue reading

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The Lake Missoula megafloods

the massive floods that shaped the topography, soils, and agriculture of the Pacific Northwest.
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Out of the ice age, into the asteroid shower

Was the biggest cold snap in the last deglaciation caused by an extraterrestrial impact?
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