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The Earth weathers another geomagnetic storm

A couple of days ago, the sun got a bit excitable: This large flare produced what is known as a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), a blob of gas and radiation hurled at high velocities from the surface of the sun … Continue reading

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New at Erratics – the largest meteorite crater in the world

The clinching evidence for the Vredefort dome being formed by an impact did not come from aerial photos, but from under the microscope. Continue reading

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New at Erratics: from lahar to suevite

In his second post at Earth Science Erratics Simon Wellings reveals a rather interesting deskcrop, collected from Scotland in his youth: Since it was picked up, this rock has changed identities: what was once thought to be a mud flow … Continue reading

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New at Earth Science Erratics: Meteorites and Geology

We’re pleased to introduce the first Earth Science Erratics blogger: Simon Wellings, also known as Metageologist. In his first post, he discusses the geological record of meteorite impacts: One of the few advantages of having being on the Earth for … Continue reading

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Small rocky exoplanets galore

A recent study presents some promising data regarding the abundance of rocky planets around other stars. Continue reading

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