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Urban streams with green walls

For large urban streams, decades of infrastructure development have often pinned the stream into a narrow corridor. There are ways that existing artificial structures can be put to work to mitigate some of the ecological impacts of urbanization.
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The hydrogeology of Yellowstone: It’s all about the cold water

While the deep, geothermal water of Yellowstone is sexy and merits both the tourist and scientific attention given to it, there’s a largely untold story in the shallow groundwater, where huge volumes of cold water may advect more heat than the hydrothermal features. A paper by Gardner et al. (2010) begins to shed light on this side of the story.
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Earth’s forgotten youth – and beyond

A new attempt to map out the events of early earth history.
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Neoproterozoic signs of life

Whilst the the dawn of the Cambrian clearly marked the diversification of mobile, active animals and biomineralisers, the story of their first origins appear to have begun much earlier.
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Anne’s picks of the December literature

Recently published hydrogeology and geomorphology papers that make my heart sing
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