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Creeping fault segments are showing their age

Do faults get weaker as they get older?
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The intimate coupling of hydrologic and geomorphic evolution of basalt landscapes

In a new paper, I show that, on basalts, flowpaths, hydographs, and landscapes coevolve over a million years or more.
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Urban streams with green walls

For large urban streams, decades of infrastructure development have often pinned the stream into a narrow corridor. There are ways that existing artificial structures can be put to work to mitigate some of the ecological impacts of urbanization.
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The hydrogeology of Yellowstone: It’s all about the cold water

While the deep, geothermal water of Yellowstone is sexy and merits both the tourist and scientific attention given to it, there’s a largely untold story in the shallow groundwater, where huge volumes of cold water may advect more heat than the hydrothermal features. A paper by Gardner et al. (2010) begins to shed light on this side of the story.
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Earth’s forgotten youth – and beyond

A new attempt to map out the events of early earth history.
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