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Geology is destiny: globally mapping permeability by rock type

The first maps of the global distribution of the ease of subsurface water flow have been produced, and they are based on maps of rock type. Continue reading

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Small rocky exoplanets galore

A recent study presents some promising data regarding the abundance of rocky planets around other stars. Continue reading

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Snow, water, digital imaging, metamorphism…and a guillotine!

When water infiltrates past the ground surface and begins to percolate through the soil’s unsaturated zone, it doesn’t move downward like an even sheet. Instead, fast fingers of water move downward along pores, roots and other places where flow is … Continue reading

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Yellowstone: what lies beneath

The best evidence yet that the Yellowstone hotspot is the result of a mantle plume – one that had to burn through a subducting slab to get to the surface. Continue reading

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Snowball Earth no problem for sponges

Evidence from numerous sources seems to be converging to suggest that sponges – the first animals – emerged much earlier than the beginning of the Cambrian, and apparently sailed through severe climatic events in the Cryogenian without much trouble at all. Continue reading

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