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Earthquake warning systems are hard, but not having one is worse.

The premise of earthquake early warning systems is simple. An earthquake produces several different kinds of seismic waves that race away from the rupture point. Because they are different kinds of vibrations, they travel at different speeds; and the farther … Continue reading

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August climate impacts stories: Hurricane Harvey, other climate change fueled-floods, and more

August 30th: Harvey reminds us that we should treat climate change as we treat other public health threats. That’s the argument in this New York Times op-ed: Harvey, the storm that humans helped cause. August 29th: The most sobering hot-take … Continue reading

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Environmental Earth Science in the News – Spring semester 2016 compilation

Students in GEOL 21062, Spring 2016, at Kent State University have been sharing interesting news stories with me all semester long. Here’s our complilation. Hopefully these are interesting things for other people too! Continue reading

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Stuff we linked to on Twitter last week

(Actually, the last two weeks, because we got busy and didn’t post last week. But we have good excuses, as Chris had his first PhD student pass his oral exams and proceed to candidacy and Anne had two papers accepted. Even better, we’ve got twice the Twitter-y goodness for you this week.) Continue reading

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Stuff we linked to on Twitter last week

Chris is back on Twitter finding lots of neat thing and Anne couldn’t avoid a couple of big water stories this week. Plus more! Continue reading

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