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Is Anne a hydrologist? geomorphologist? hydrophillic geologist? or whathaveyou?

The major theme of my research is analyzing how geologic, topographic, and land use variability controls hydrologic response, climate sensitivity, and geomorphic evolution of watersheds, by partitioning water between surface and ground water. What do you call someone like me?
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The limits of monomaniacal workaholism

I’ve spent most of the last three days camped in front of a scanning electron microscope, looking at lots of evil iron sulphides. And when I say ‘most’, I really do mean ‘most’. The problem when you want access to … Continue reading

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Greigite, mineral of evil

Meet my palaeomagical nemesis.
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The Palaeomagician’s bane

Why lightning may be my new mortal enemy
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Palaeomagnetism: from drilling to publication

How the measurements I make in the lab are distilled into the results reported in a typical scientific paper.
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