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Scenic Saturday: The Temple

Right now I have a graduate student working on a project to understand the effects of stream restoration in altering patterns of groundwater-stream exchange. She’s working in four stream reaches with varying restoration patterns and watershed land uses. In one … Continue reading

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Scenic Saturday: Mammoth Cave, where surface water and groundwater meet

It’s that wonderful time of year, as one semester finally gives up the fight and a new one waits in the shadows, pouncing on unsuspecting students and faculty just as they breathe a sigh of that they’ve won the first … Continue reading

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Scenic Saturday: Whitewater rafting in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This semester I am teaching a class on fluvial (river) processes that encompasses aspects of both hydrology and geomorphology. One of my goals is to take my students to as many of sizes and shapes of river as possible over … Continue reading

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Scenic Saturday: Pinnacle in the Piedmont

The peak of Big Pinnacle at Pilot Mountain State Park rises more than 450 m above the surrounding North Carolina Piedmont. Big Pinnacle is just the most eye-catching of series of peaks, called the Sauratown Mountains, that are a tectonic … Continue reading

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One recipe for flooding: Take a tropical cyclone and add steep topography

The past few weeks have brought two tropical cyclones* to the eastern seaboard of the United States. They serve nicely to illustrate the topographic controls on flood generation that we were been talking about in my Fluvial Processes class recently. … Continue reading

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