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Geopuzzle #16

A giant limnological mystery in Canada.
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Dike swarms and continental barcodes

Who would have thought a mess of ridges could hold the key to reconstructing past geographies?
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Geopuzzle #15

Since this whole geopuzzle malarky was kicked off by a mystery Google Earth image, here’s another one for you. One (fairly) obvious feature of this image are the long linear features, which are almost certainly geological in origin. What could … Continue reading

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The Stirling fauna: big critters from the dawn of time?

I really wasn’t intending to leave Geopuzzle 14 hanging out unanswered on the interweb for as long as it has – and not just because my delay has apparently put my beer stash in jeopardy. The answer is actually both … Continue reading

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Geopuzzle #14

This authors of the paper the figure below comes from claim that it’s a fossil of some kind: Do you agree? What do you think it is, and how old do you think it is?

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