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When the hell are we?

Whenever you’re trying to talk about science to a broader audience, one of the major challenges is cutting out the jargon. Sometimes, though, the real difficulty is not so much in translating the jargon, as identifying it in the first … Continue reading

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Update: Aetogate

It’s no surprise that neither Bill Parker nor Jeff Martz were particularly impressed with the inquiry that wasn’t, and they’ve both posted responses that should have been solicited anyway over at Mike Taylor’s site. It’s of particular interest to me … Continue reading

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Bloggers and blogging in Nature Geoscience

Given some of the other shenanigans that were percolating through the geoblogosphere yesterday, I was understandably a little bit cautious when I noticed a couple of familiar names popping up in the contents list for Nature Geoscience that arrived in … Continue reading

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Mountain musings 2: What’s God got to do with it?

A meditation on different perspectives on, and responses to, natural grandeur.
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Mountain musings 1: The hard climb of science

Making the philosophical best out of getting lost in the mountains
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