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Mammals March Madness and slight silliness from your bloggers

It’s time for Mammals March Madness, the tournament in which animals battle for supremacy based on their physiology and behavior, with a little bit of luck thrown in just as you would want in any competition. Note: This is a … Continue reading

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Scenic Saturday: A Special Place and Time

A few weeks ago, on an afternoon in London, I took in the Thames and then headed a few miles down river to Greenwich and the Royal Observatory, a prime attraction for map nerds around the world. Unfortunately, my visit … Continue reading

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Drawing sharp boundaries in a fuzzy world

Humans are natural splitters. We have an innate tendency to look at the world and mentally sort everything into different categories, and grades, and entities: this is one thing, that is another; it was this, now it’s that. Our perception … Continue reading

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What is a manned space programme actually for?

I bet more people currently know the name of a valiant little Mars rover than know the names of the current astronauts on the ISS.
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Geospatial data and the web (#scio10 preparation)

What’s available, what should be available, what tools do we need to use them?
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