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4 index fossils

On the 4th day of Christmas my true love gave to me…
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A new podclast for your listening pleasure

Volcanoes and dinosaurs and 50’s sci-fi, oh my!
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Single-celled trace fossils?

Remember those controversional macro- and trace fossils from the 2 billion year-old Stirling formation? They seemed to offer the intriguing possibility that multicellular life may have popped into being far earlier in Earth history than is generally supposed. However, this … Continue reading

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Telling a dinosaur footprint from a hole in the ground

How do palaeontologists know?
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The Stirling fauna: big critters from the dawn of time?

I really wasn’t intending to leave Geopuzzle 14 hanging out unanswered on the interweb for as long as it has – and not just because my delay has apparently put my beer stash in jeopardy. The answer is actually both … Continue reading

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