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Mammals March Madness and slight silliness from your bloggers

It’s time for Mammals March Madness, the tournament in which animals battle for supremacy based on their physiology and behavior, with a little bit of luck thrown in just as you would want in any competition. Note: This is a … Continue reading

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Scenic Saturday: Echoes of Mary Anning

On March 9th, 1847, the world lost a great scientist to breast cancer. She was poor, lacked formal education, and practiced a minority religion, but she had a keen eye and mind that helped see things that others couldn’t and … Continue reading

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Scenic Saturday: Lyme Regis

Two-hundred years ago, a young woman by the name of Mary Anning walked along this shore, using her keenly self-trained observation skills to spot fossils eroding out of these cliffs. The cliffs are the blue Lias, Jurassic mudstones filled with … Continue reading

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Written in Stone: the interview

To accompany our review of Written in Stone, a couple of weeks ago Anne and I sat down with its author, our good friend and fellow blogger Brian Switek, for what turned into a fascinating discussion of his book, the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Written in Stone by Brian Switek

Palaeoblogger extraordinaire Brian Switek has often expressed frustration at the fact that many recent popularisers of evolution have a habit of downplaying the importance of the fossil record in studies of evolution. However, when reading the opening chapters of Written … Continue reading

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