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Snow days

Snowed in in Chicago – even a city with a fleet of 300 snow ploughs has its limits… Continue reading

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Ten million feet upon the stair

During my time in Edinburgh, I lived in an apartment in a nice old tenement building: several floors of individual flats, all connected by an internal communal staircase. The building is at least a century old, and because this was … Continue reading

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The Gulf of Mexico spill is bad enough without turning it into a disaster movie

Debunking the methanepocalypse. Do we really need to pretend we’re in a Michael Bay movie? Continue reading

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Today’s Hot Topic? Bottled Water

On this hot, hot day, when much of the eastern United States is beset by a record-breaking heat wave, what could be more refreshing than a nice cold, fresh bottle of water? After all, that’s exactly what is recommended by … Continue reading

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Urban streams with green walls

For large urban streams, decades of infrastructure development have often pinned the stream into a narrow corridor. There are ways that existing artificial structures can be put to work to mitigate some of the ecological impacts of urbanization.
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