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Air conditioning as a positive climate feedback?

Could our need to cool ourselves increase our need to cool ourselves? Continue reading

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Scenic Saturday: The pretty side of stream restoration

Some days, working in restored urban streams is quite enjoyable. The picture below is one of our field sites for a multi-year study of the downstream effects of stormwater management. This is Edwards Branch, and it is one of the … Continue reading

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Scenic Saturday: Wood in Streams

One of our field trips in my Fluvial Processes class takes the students to the lower reaches of Mallard Creek, the urban stream that drains the northern portion of Charlotte, including our campus. For most of its length, Mallard Creek … Continue reading

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When a tree falls in a stream, there’s always something around to make use of it.

Allochthonous may have some obscure usage related to rocks, but in ecology, allochthonous material is a major concept that underpins thinking about nutrient cycling and food web dynamics. In its most general definition, allochthonous material is something imported into an … Continue reading

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New at Erratics – Biofuels: What would you say you do here?

Will Dalen Rice finishes his series on the Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference, by talking about the state of biofuels technology: Although there is still significant future distance to travel, the technology had come a long way. The leader of the … Continue reading

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