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A week of big earthquakes in Iran

Squashed and squeezed between the Eurasian continent to the north and the northward-moving Arabian plate to the south, it is no surprise that Iran is a seismically active country, and in the past week it has been living up to … Continue reading

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We have a seismometer in our basement…

Or, more accurately, my department does. And it rather handily picked up last week’s magnitude 8 earthquake near the Santa Cruz Islands (subject of the latest Friday Focal Mechanisms), all the way over in the southwest Pacific. Here’s the seismogram: … Continue reading

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Friday Focal Mechanisms: before and after the M8 Santa Cruz Islands quake

On Tuesday night American time (Wednesday lunchtime local time), a magnitude 8 earthquake occurred near the Santa Cruz Islands, a set of small islands east of the Solomon Islands. In this region, the Australian plate is subducting to the north-east … Continue reading

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Friday Focal Mechanism: the Himalayas’ long tectonic shadow

It wasn’t the biggest seismic event of the week, but this shallow (15 km depth) magnitude 6.0 that shook the remote southeast corner of Kazakstan on Monday still caught my attention. Located within the Tian Shan mountains, this earthquake is … Continue reading

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AGU Dispatches: Final Day and Final Thoughts

Unless you are presenting, the final day of a 5 day-conference can be a test of your intellectual fortitude: it can be tough to force your tired and stuffed-with-cool-new-science brain to take an interest in any more talks or posters. … Continue reading

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