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The Antarctic Geological Drilling Project – ANDRILL – is an ambitious program of drilling down to the sediments deposited around Antarctica in the past few tens of millions of years, to unravel the history of the Antarctic ice sheets: how … Continue reading

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Does plate tectonics control magnetic reversals?

Possibly, but this paper will not convince you. Continue reading

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Oregon’s fossil forests

Today is National Fossil Day, and half way through Earth Science Week. In honor of the occasion, I present a few notes and photos from a trip I took with my botanist mother to the John Day Fossil Beds in … Continue reading

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Coal and the fossil record of climate change in the Canadian High Arctic

Spectacular fossilized forests in the Canadian High Arctic provide clues to life on a warmer earth. Unless we mine their coal in order to heat our planet back to the Eocene.
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Tectonics shown to drive changes in biodiversity

No surprise to anyone – except biologists, apparently.
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