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GeoKid shows us Antarctica

My parents seem to be too busy to blog about our trip to Antarctica, so today I’m sharing two videos I made on our adventure. In this video, I’m in Ushuaia, Argentina, waiting to head farther south. In this video, … Continue reading

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GeoKid goes to the zoo with her cousins

Mom’s note: A family trip to the zoo inspired these GeoKids reflections on animal classifications and families. As a parent scientist, my proudest moment was when GeoKid excitedly told her cousin, “That’s an orangutan. It’s our cousin.” On July 25th, … Continue reading

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My class visits the Geology Department – by Geokid

I went on a tour with my class yesterday in the Geology Department of Kent State University. My mom, my dad, and I led the tour. We got there by traveling on a special bus that had painted windows. When … Continue reading

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