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The costs of Trump’s environmental and scientific policies will be felt everywhere

We are six days into the Trump administration in the United States of America and we are seeing clear signs that the Trump intends to keep his campaign promises to roll back environmental protection and federal scientific efforts (among a … Continue reading

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Geological mayhem and destruction in 2012: not the end of the world, just business as usual

We don’t live on a boring planet. 2012 will be plagued by natural disasters, but so is every other year. Continue reading

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The elephants in the room at ScienceOnline 2011

The undercurrents and unresolved issues at ScienceOnline 2011, that I feel are going to be an important component of online conversations in the next 12 months. Continue reading

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Earth’s magnetic field: still not reversing

Birds falling from the sky? Airport runways realigning? 2012 approaching? Only one of these things is at all to do with magnetic field behaviour, and even that is nothing to worry about. Continue reading

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Standing up for serpentinite

The presence of serpentinite is like a big red flag telling geologists “interesting tectonic stuff here!”. But in California, that might not be the only red flag that you will be seeing in the future, if the state government have their way. Continue reading

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