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Terrane Accretion: the end of Chris’s postdoc odyssey

Almost six years ago, I left the lab in Southampton where I had studied for my PhD on a quest to stay in academia and get paid to do interesting science. Thus began a period of my life which can … Continue reading

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My AGU Posters: a visual history

It’s a miracle! In an amazing (and probably entirely serendipitous) feat of organisation, I find myself printing my poster for the AGU 2012 Fall Meeting a whole 3 days before I fly to San Francisco. Since I am generally more … Continue reading

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The view from two weeks in

Over the summer, people asked me whether I was taking the summer off, and I had to explain to them that it wasn’t so much that I had a new job, as that I was simply moving my old job … Continue reading

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Avulsion: Anne’s new adventure

Most of the time, nothing much interesting happens to a river. It flows between its banks, carrying water and solutes, providing habitat and ecosystem services. If you look at a river, most of the time it looks roughly the same … Continue reading

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What do you mean, the Gulf Stream doesn’t keep Europe warmer than North America? How even scientists are afflicted by urban myths

In science, you discover that you’re wrong at least as often as you’re proven right – and the things that you end up being wrong about can be quite surprising. Prior to last week, if asked I would have confidently … Continue reading

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