Where is Anne at AGU?

A post by Anne JeffersonI’ve abandoned my family for the week and flown to San Francisco to join ~26,000 geoscientists at this year’s American Geophysical Union meeting. It’s a big, spectacular, and exciting meeting, and I might have gotten a little too excited about attending after a few years absence. As a result, I said yes to a few things…. and that has given me a pretty busy schedule over the next few days.


I’m giving a talk in the session on Water, Energy, and Urban Systems II (H12E) in Moscone West 3016 from 10:50-11:05. My talk is on “A Neighborhood-Scale Green Infrastructure Retrofit: Experimental Results, Model Simulations, and Resident Perspectives” and represents an attempt to summarize three papers worth of work into a 12 minute talk. It’ll be great, and this work is the main reason I was desperate to come to AGU this year.

From 1-2 pm, I’ll be participating in the Sharing Science mentoring meet-up (Moscone West 2001A), where I am paired with a super-awesome PhD student interested in science communication and public engagement. I think I’m supposed to mentor her, but I’m blown away by the great work she’s already doing.

From 4-6 pm, I’m part of the Social Dimensions of Geoscience Pop-ups (Moscone West 2001A), which are a fantastic series of 5 minute presentations, which will be video recorded in case you want to watch later. Mine is at 5:17 pm and is on “Social Media for Community Building Among Geoscientists from Under-represented Groups.”

From 6-8 pm, I’m going to relax and see friends at the Earth Science Women’s Network Reception at The Children’s Creativity Museum Imagination Lab, if I can figure out where that is. Will I see you there?

I promise you that no other day is quite as crazy as Monday.


In the morning, I’m helping present a poster (but all credit goes to Mika McKinnon for doing every single bit of work on it) in the session on Progress toward an Inclusive and Welcoming Geoscience Community: Addressing Harassment and Improving Workplace Climate Posters (ED21D) in the Moscone South Poster Hall. Our poster is on “Staying Safe While Doing Science in Public: Emerging Best Practices for Social Media” and is ED21D-0796.

Over the lunch hour, I’m giving a 1-slide, 3 minute lightning talk as part of the Critical Zone Observatory (CZO) Program Town Hall from 12:30 – 1:30pm in Moscone West – 3022. I’ll be making the case for why the future of CZOs must include urban areas.

In the afternoon, I’m going to take a deep breath, maybe go to a few talks, and probably prep for the second half of my week.


I’ll be just an ordinary conference attendee in the morning, but in the afternoon I’m excited to moderate an Earth Science Women’s Network panel and discussion on Success in Scientific Publishing and Outreach from 2-4 pm in San Francisco Marriott Marquis – Golden Gate A.


In the morning, I’m convening one of several groundwater-surface water sessions, but mine is the bright and early one: “H41H: Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions: Identifying and Integrating Physical, Biological, and Chemical Processes across Scales I” from 8:00-10:00 in Moscone West 3020.


I’ll wrap up my week with a talk about hydrology education in ED52A: Tools and Methods for Data Driven Education in the Water Sciences II. My talk “Data-driven Approaches to Teaching Stable Isotopes in Hydrology and Environmental Geochemistry” (ED52A-07) will discuss work we’ve done to develop curriculum and assess the effects of teaching format on student outcomes. You can find me talking from 11:50-12:05 in Moscone South 309.

After my talk I’ll be taking a redeye back to Ohio, hopefully getting a few hours of much needed sleep and then performing in a piano recital on Sunday afternoon. I think that’s called work-life balance.

I hope you’ll follow along on Twitter as I broadcast morsels of AGU science and my madcap adventures in over-commitment as the Moscone wi-fi and my phone battery allow.

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  1. Katie says:

    Whew that sounds exhausting! Enjoy!