A Highly Allochthonous Advent Calendar

A post by Chris RowanA post by Anne JeffersonGreetings! We’ve both had a bit of a whirlwind year both in our professional and home lives, which has sadly cut into our blogging time. However, for the festive season, we thought we’d share a few snippets of our scientific year: the science we’ve been working on, the places we’ve been, and stuff we’ve just thought was cool. Each day we’ll share a new image (marked by the red number in the grid below) with a brief explanation of why . As Advent progresses, the calendar will fill up with the images we’ve already shared. Hopefully you enjoy these little tastes of what we do in our day jobs.

Update: Well, there was a slight decoupling between door number and day of December it went up towards the end there, but we made it! And our excuse is that when you have young children, even ones we can drag to see waterfalls (the ultimate combination of rocks and water) without too much complaining, Christmas week provides ample real-life distraction from the internet.

The Highly Allochthonous Family at Chagrin Falls

The Highly Allochthonous family at Chagrin Falls, Ohio, earlier this year. Not just a waterfall, but an urban waterfall – be still Anne’s beating heart!

From all the Highly Allochthonous family, we hope you had a fun festive season and wish you all the best for the New Year, when there may be a bit more blogging activity: we won’t make it a resolution, since we all know what happens to those on January 2nd..

Full entries for each day of Advent can be seen by clicking on the thumbnails in the calendar.

4th December 17th December 18th December 19th December
23rd December 6th December 8th December 9th December
1st December 2nd December 22nd December 12th December
5th December 3rd December 20th December 13th December
14th December 24th December 10th December 21st December
16th December 15th December 7th December Flowbackpreview
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