28-ish days of #sciwrite are over, but we’ve got momentum

A post by Anne JeffersonA post by Chris Rowan
Sciwrite logo, by Chris Rowan We blew past our final check in for the 28-day, February edition of #sciwrite, but that’s because we’ve got some momentum going and didn’t want to say stop. 28. 33. It’s within the margin of error of a month, right?

In the final tally, Anne got her abstracts written, her posters made and presented, and made some figures and progress on the introduction of one paper. On the second paper, she didn’t write as much as planned, plus a new look at the data threw us for a loop. In the added bonus category, she also contributed to a meeting report in review at Eos and had her first MS student at Kent State schedule his defense. But she’s bound and determined to get both papers out ASAP, so she’s going to keep practicing daily writing, and is pretty sure she’ll get one into review by the end of this month. So #sciwrite lives on.

Chris will confess he got a little shown up in the final tally by his co-blogger, but got his grant written and is roughly 60% done with his NZ tectonics paper draft – he now has most of an introduction, methods and results sections, and lots of pretty figures. There is, however, a fair amount still to get done, including some new calculations that are needed to tie everything together in the discussion. However, he has succeeded in injecting new life into an important paper, and he is hopeful that another month of consistent effort will net him a completed draft. And that is a definite win.

Let us know how you’ve all done!

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  1. Tara C Smith says:

    Nice! Ended up finishing a big-ass manuscript and getting that off my plate (after about 8 months of torture), submitted a LOI for a grant (already rejected, alas); 2 manuscripts working on revision. Not quite where I wanted to be, but not terrible.

  2. The 28 days of #sciwrite tuned into 28 + 6 days – but all goals met! First part was easy- getting revisions and response to comments done for paper #1. Part 2 was a bit more intimidating – as I was trying to write a paper #2 in 28 days – I had a really detailed outline, but I still have a lot of insecurities around my writing expertise and efficiency. Got hung up on some complex stats for a bit – and was finally forced to transition into Illustrator (yes yes yes it has been on my list forever – glad I finally had to bite the bullet) – so figure production was a bit start and stop – but in the end got it done. Sent draft off today. Happy with the product. And I must say I really like the whole #sciwrite vibe – it is fun to cheer and be cheered on outside of my small little lab world.

  3. I’m late (as usual) but here is my update http://www.leouieda.com/posts/2014-03-10-final-sciwrite-update-week-4.html

    In short, I only met 1/3 of my goals. But I enjoyed taking part and will keep the “monthly goals” thing for the future. Thanks again for proposing this!