The start of a complicated – but exciting – summer

A post by Chris RowanA post by Anne JeffersonWith family on both sides of the Atlantic, the Allochthonous family always faces the prospect of a complicated summer, but this year we decided that we needed an additional science leg in the Pacific North West, and that we need to get all our travelling done in one big chunk. Our July itinerary therefore reads: Ohio-Minnesota-Oregon-Minnesota-UK-Minnesota-Ohio. This weekend saw us tackle the first big chunk of travel, driving from Ohio to Minnesota and then flying from Minnesota to Oregon. We’re here for a week: Anne is revisiting her old PhD haunts at Oregon State University and writing a paper with her colleagues there, while Chris is planning to do some preliminary geologising in the Coast Ranges, which may lay the foundation for future work out here. Being here is exciting; getting here was less so, but despite the slim geological pickings on the flat, flat, drive across the Mid-West, we had some fun with Geodog and our Twitter colleagues on the way.

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