And the ScienceSeeker Award for best physics, astronomy, or earth science post goes to…

A post by Chris Rowan…me, apparently. Even though I didn’t know I’d been nominated until I was notified on Twitter:

Congrats to @ for “Best Physics, Astronomy, or Earth Science Post”:



Check out the announcement on the ScienceSeeker blog for full details and links to the winning posts in other categories; there’s some good – award winning! – reading there.

My winning entry was my response to the verdict in the L’Aquila trial, where I argued that earthquake safety is about door locks, not fire alarms: in other words, whatever the dubious merits of the trial and conviction itself, it highlights a worrying focus on short-term warnings (which we can’t do) at the expense of long-term preparedness (which we can do, at least in theory).

It’s an important discussion, so in addition to being happy that the work and thought I put into writing the piece has been recognised, it’s nice to think that a few more people who otherwise wouldn’t have read it will end up doing so. Also, in a phase of my life where I’m having to adjust juggling my blogging with several new personal and professional commitments, it’s a nice incentive to keep it up.

Anyway, whilst I bask in the kudos and the shiny glory of my pretty winning badge (and some prize money to help keep my web host hosting), my thanks to ScienceSeeker for organising the awards (and letting geosciences take over the physics and astronomy category after some vigorous feedback on Twitter), the judges for reading and liking, and fellow All-geo blogger Simon Wellings for putting my name forward.

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  1. mineralphys says:

    Congratulations! I remember enjoying your original post & sharing it with my students.

  2. Chenjian says:

    Cool! Congratulations!

  3. Carol Jefferson says:

    Most excellent, Chris.