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A post by Anne JeffersonToday is the second day of the 2012 DonorsChoose Science Bloggers for Students challenge. It’s also Earth Science Week, with this year’s theme “Discovering Careers in the Earth Sciences.” Today, in particular, is “No Child Left Inside Day.” Finally, it’s Ada Lovelace Day, for celebrating the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. So there can be no more appropriate day to contemplate who inspired us to love the Earth (sciences) and how we can help the next generation find their own inspiration and education.

For me, I need to look no further than my own family for the reasons I study the Earth and care about giving kids access to high quality science education at all grade levels. There’s my mother:

Woman scientist walking through a slat marsh with mountains in the background

Carol Jefferson, plant ecologist, professor, and environmental educator revisits a salt marsh along the Oregon Coast. This was one of her field sites for her 1973 PhD. Photo by A. Jefferson, 2004.

And my daughter:
Child examines restored stream and throws her hands up in the air

My junior field assistant examines a restored stream in Charlotte, NC in March 2012. Photo by A. Jefferson

Did someone inspire and encourage you in your interest in science? Is there anyone who has inspired you to care passionately about science education for today’s students? If so, take a few minutes to send them a word of thanks, and maybe honor them with a contribution to the Geobloggers for Earth Science Education DonorsChoose challenge. Your gift can be in honor or memory of your own inspiring figures. Thank you.

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