Scenic Saturday: Cuyahoga River at Kent

A post by Anne JeffersonA few scenes from a morning walk along the Cuyahoga River through downtown and just downstream of Kent, Ohio.

Cuyahoga River in Kent. Photo by A. Jefferson, August 2012.

Cuyahoga River in Kent. It's a mixed bedrock-alluvial channel in this reach and there's a little bit of class 1-2 whitewater through town. Photo by A. Jefferson, August 2012.

Gravel bar on Cuyahoga River

A bit farther downstream, there's a nice gravel point bar that appears to be a popular spot to put in for float trips. The Kent State Rec Center runs multiple trips per day from here on summer weekends. The gravel bar pictured above seems to mark the start of a fully alluvial reach, with no whitewater. Photo by A. Jefferson.

Cuyahoga River, Kent, OH

Here's a view looking upstream from Fred Fuller Park in Kent. There's some nice wood in the stream through here and a few small patches of wetlands along the banks. Photo by A. Jefferson

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Comments (5)

  1. Wayne Ranney says:

    Beautiful pictures of the river. Much different than the west. Thank you,

  2. Howard says:

    Isn’t the Cuyahoga the river that famously (or rather infamously) caught fire sometime in the late ’60s or early ’70s because it was so polluted? If so, it seems to have made a remarkable recovery since then.

  3. It is and it has. Also, this picture is much farther upstream than the worst area. Eventually I shall try to blog about the past, present, and future of the Cuyahoga, so consider this a content-light preface to posts to come.

  4. Ann says:

    I was up in Ohio during July and noticed how dry things were. The river is looking very low from the way I rember it being. Are you still having drought conditions?

    • I’m not familiar enough with the appearance of the river here yet to really be able to comment from that standpoint. However, the USGS gage on the Cuyahoga River at Hiram Rapids (which is regulated by two upstream dams) is currently running at about its 25th percentile (i.e., lower than normal, but not extreme). The US Drought Monitor indicates that this region is in a moderate drought, which is the same status it has been in since early July. Here in Kent, we’ve gotten 1.44″ of rain in August so far, but I’m not sure how that compares to average.