GSA call for abstracts on urban hydrology and anthropogenic geomorphology

A post by Anne JeffersonShameless plug… I’m convening two fantastic sessions at the upcoming Geological Society of America meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina on November 4-7, 2012. For both sessions there are incredible invited speakers lined up, and all we need to make them an overwhelming success is a strong showing of contributed abstracts. That’s where you come in. If you are interested in the way humans interact with hydrology or landscapes, please consider submitting an abstract by August 14th.

Low head dam

An urban stream in Freedom Park, Charlotte, NC

T101. Hydrology of Urban Groundwater, Streams, and Watersheds
conveners: Anne J. Jefferson, John M. Sharp
This session explores how urbanization affects water quantity, quality, and ecohydrology in groundwater and surface water systems. Field and modeling studies of flow, recharge, water balance, groundwater-stream interactions, water quality, and contamination are welcome. Confirmed invited speakers are Laura Toran, Christina Tague, and Ken Howard.

A straight, ditched stream in northeastern Ohio

A straightened and ditched stream in northeastern Ohio is probably the legacy of agriculture

T24. Geomorphology of the Anthropocene: The Surficial Legacy of Past and Present Human Activities
conveners: Anne J. Jefferson, Karl W. Wegmann, Anne Chin
This session explores the legacy of human activities and land use on earth surface processes and landforms. Studies on the impacts of agriculture, mining, urbanization, and forestry in prehistoric, historic, and modern times are welcome. Confirmed invited speakers are Ellen Wohl, Allan James, and Gary Stinchcomb.

If the descriptions above don’t match your research, but you know someone who would be perfect, please share with them or send me their contact information and I’ll personally reach out. Even if you just think these topics might be interesting to listen to for a few minutes or hours, plan on attending the sessions in November. I’ll share details of dates, times, and locations when the final program is announced.

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