Highly Allochthonous at AGU 2011

A post by Chris RowanA post by Anne JeffersonIt’s that time of year again – the time when San Francisco gets invaded by a small town’s worth of geoscientists for the annual AGU conference. At least 20,000 people have registered this year at last count, although since that number includes geologists and geophysicists, atmospheric scientists and oceanographers, hydrogeologists and geobiologists, what this really means is that it’s more like 10 conferences all running in parallel.

Chris and Anne are both at the conference this year, although probably mostly not in the same place because of our rather different scientific interests. Given how easily a carefully worked-out schedule can be disrupted by a random meeting in the hallway, the best way to keep track of our progress is to follow @Allochthonous and @highlyanne on Twitter (there is also a hashtag, #AGU11, that will allow you to keep track of all the geotweeps attending the conference). However, there are a few places where we will definitely be:

  • Monday morning: Anne has a poster B11C-0497: “Geomorphic and chemical controls on sediment denitrification in restored urban streams” in Moscone South.
  • Monday, 6-8 pm. Anne and Chris, along with lots of your other favourite geology bloggers and tweeters, will be attending the AGU’s Social Media Soiree in InterContinental Ballroom C.
  • Tuesday, from 1:40 pm: Chris will be manning his poster T23D-2444: “Kinematics of Mid-Ocean Ridge Relative Motions in the Indo-Atlantic Frame of Reference: Passive and Active Spreading Ridges” in Moscone South.
  • Tuesday Evening: Anne will be attending the CUAHSI Reception in the Grand Hyatt Ballroom.
  • Wednesday, 9 am: Anne is presenting the talk “Understanding channel network extent in the North Carolina Piedmont in the context of legacy land use, flow generation processes, and landscape dissection” in Rooms 2022-2024 (Moscone West).
  • Wednesday, 10:50 am: Chris is a co-author on the talk “Magnetic properties of sedimentary greigite (Fe3S4): An update” in Room 304 (Moscone South).
  • Wednesday, 3:10 pm: Chris is a co-author on the talk “The East Pacific Rise: An Active Not Passive Spreading System” in Room 2012 (Moscone West). This is a companion talk to Tuesday’s poster.
  • Wednesday, 5-6 pm. In a rare confluence of our scientific interests, we’re both planning to attend the Birch Lecture by Michael Manga. “Hydrological responses to earthquakes (and, was the LUSI mud volcano eruption in Indonesia caused by an earthquake?)” is in Rooms 2022-2024 (Moscone West).
  • Thursday, 9.15 am. Anne is presenting the talk “Controls on the hydrologic evolution of Quaternary volcanic landscapes” in Room 307 (Moscone South).
  • Friday, 4:45 pm. Chris is a co-author on (and may be presenting) the talk “Widespread remagnetizations associated with sedimentary greigite (Fe3S4): Implications for Neogene tectonic rotations within the Australia-Pacific plate boundary zone, New Zealand” in Room 304 (Moscone South).

Are you attending? Let us know what and where you’re presenting in the comments so we can come and find you.

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