Geobloggers for DonorsChoose: Deep Sea News

A post by Chris RowanA post by Anne JeffersonDuring Earth Science Week, your friendly Highly Allochthonous Bloggers are supporting the DonorsChoose Science Bloggers for Students challenge by pointing our readers to the projects endorsed by some of our fellow geobloggers. Today the spotlight shines on the pirate-anical gang at Deep Sea News. As well as being a firm supporter of quality science education in schools, DSN Stalwart Kevin Zelnio has a personal stake in their drive:

These impoverished schools are the schools I am sending my son to, and next year my daughter. These impoverished families – who cannot afford school supplies, have jobless parents and qualify for free lunches – is my family.

The list of worthy projects that the DSN team is endorsing includes a soon-to-expire proposal to buy a salt water aquarium so that first-graders can get a close-up look at ocean creatures. They’re also going to be learning about Paleozoic ocean life from hundreds of million years ago – perhaps they’ll be doing both and raising a horseshoe crab! If you can spare a few dollars, head over and donate – and help to provide kids like Kevin’s with the education they deserve.

I’d also like to thank everyone who as donated through the Geology and Ocean bloggers collective so far. You’ve raised almost $2000 dollars for the benefit of almost 1500 children – and your generosity compares well with some prominent blog networks. Keep it up!

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