New at Earth Science Erratics: Meteorites and Geology

We’re pleased to introduce the first Earth Science Erratics blogger: Simon Wellings, also known as Metageologist. In his first post, he discusses the geological record of meteorite impacts:

One of the few advantages of having being on the Earth for a while (0.00004 Ma in my case) is that I’ve had time to see new things come along in Science. For example one of the big themes in Geology in the last 20-30 years has been the realisation of the importance of asteroid impacts in Earth History. A lot of attention has rightly been focused on the role of massive impacts in causing mass extinctions (K-T boundary, Chicxulub) but since meteorite impacts follow a power-law relationship of size to frequency alongside a few ‘earth-shattering’ impacts there should be lots of *smaller* ones. Even a ‘small’ impact will make a trace in the Geological record. So where are they?

Head over to to find out – and welcome Simon to the geoblogosphere!

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