Participate in the AGU panel on geoblogging, even if you are not at the meeting

Later this afternoon, your friendly neighborhood geobloggers will convene at the AGU meeting for a panel on the payoffs and perils of blogging. Panelists include both Chris and Anne, Brian Romans from Clastic Detritus, Jess Ball from Magma Cum Laude, Cian Dawson from Point Source, and Erik Klemetti from Eruptions. We’re aiming to set up a very participatory discussion, so if you are a current blogger or blog reader or are thinking about starting to blog, we are looking for your thoughts and questions.

If you are at the meeting, please join us from 2 to 4 pm in Moscone West room 3000. Even if you are not at the meeting, you can still participate. Here’s how:

Go to this website:, where you will see a webstreaming window on top that will show, to the right, the speakers’ PowerPoint slides in real time (including video), and, to the left, live video of the speaker table and panelists. You will be able to hear audio of the press conference via the same web page. Below the webstreaming window, there’s a chat window: If you want to use the chat room to send questions, etc., you will have to first register (clicking on the Register link at the bottom of the page).

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