Final hours to win “Written in Stone” by giving to our DonorsChoose challenge

A post by Anne JeffersonOur month-long drive to raise funds for earth science education through DonorsChoose is rapidly winding down. You need to give by the end of the day on Tuesday, November 9th for your donation to be counted towards HP’s doubling match and to be eligible to win our prize.

We’re giving away a rare review copy of Brian Switek’s forthcoming book “Written in Stone,”, which is already garner lots of praise from scientists, writers, and bloggers. Look for our review of the book here later this week (really), as well as an interview with Brian, but let us just say in advance that it is excellent in every respect – lots of cool science and very, very well written. Anyone who donates through our challenge page by November 9th will be automatically entered to win the book, and I’ll notify you by email if you are the winner of the random drawing. So if you’ve been putting off contributing to earth science education, do so no longer. And if you’ve already given, you are already entered, but please give more as you are so moved.

So far we have raised almost $1200 for earth science education. But this generous support has come from just 17 people. I suspect we have a few more readers than that. As an added incentive to donate, for each new donor that gives to the challenge before noon eastern time on Tuesday, I’ll make another $10 contribution on top of what I’ve already given.

As the final hours wind down on this year’s challenge, it seems fitting to highlight some projects to which your fellow readers have given, but which have not yet been fully funded.

In addition to those projects for which your friends have already advocated, here are a couple of other projects that are close to their funding goals.

To summarize:

The challenge ends on Tuesday.
You can win a copy of Written in Stone before it hits bookstore shelves.
HP doubles all of your donations and lets you choose which projects to fund.
New donors get me to give $10 each.
Lots of great kids are still waiting for our help.
Let’s get to work.

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  1. Jenny says:

    Hi! I thought people might be interested in this project, which expires at midnight ET today and is within $172 of full funding (including $70 of optional donation towards DonorsChoose administrative costs). It requests a kids’ science book with 5 star Amazon reviews. Here’s a link to it crediting Highly Allochthonous:

    And here is the project description:

    Science Is Fun When You’re Learning With Pflumm!
    Classroom project requested by Mrs. T. on Jun 10, 2010

    High Poverty
    Heritage Junior High School
    New Windsor, New York (State)

    My Students: Science should be FUN! The Agnes Pflumm books provide students with an opportunity to read about science and the scientific method while truly enjoying what it is they are reading.

    My students come from a diverse array of backgrounds and cultures. The school I teach in is a Title I school so many of my students come from an inner city home. These 7th graders are eager to learn and are at the perfect age to truly experience science. I see 7th grade as a perfect time to get them excited about science by encouraging them to explore and investigate the world around them. I want these students to have an opportunity to experience science, to do science and to develop a love of science at a young age. I try to incorporate opportunities for each child to experience successful learning and these books provide many students with that success.

    My Project: By utilizing the Agnes Pflumm books, students learn about the scientific method, an essential concept in science, all the while enjoying the experience of reading in the content area. Students start to develop ideas about their own research projects and begin to visualize themselves as young scientists in the making, all the benefits of a true learning experience. Students become problem solvers while learning.

    These students are tomorrows engineers, technicians, scientists. Inspiring a love of science and learning now, will help them to realize that they can pursue a career in science in the future. Part of inspiring that ambition is to make learning fun. hide»

    My students need 34 “Agnes Pflumm and the Stone Creek Science Fair” books to incorporate reading into the science curriculum.

  2. Jenny says:

    Just a thought:

    Donors to the Science Bloggers drive who haven’t yet decided what to do with their $75 DonorsChoose credit could, if they like, check out the following project list, sorted by time remaining and fully searchable by state, subject, cost, etc.

    It contains many worthwhile DonorsChoose projects in their final days; for example, Weather Detectives and Clean It Up were on this list during the recent push to fund them. Currently, there are a bunch of imminently expiring, hands-on science and math requests from grade schoolers, plus literacy projects, music stuff, and basic school supplies like pencils, bookcases, a table…

    A stream of $75 donations could rescue a bunch of these projects. If a project does expire, it’s simple to apply returned donations to others of your choice; a credit shows up in your account a day later. Projects expire at midnight ET; on the final day, add 5 to the listed number of hours left to get the true time remaining.

    Congratulations to all on a wonderful education fundraising success!