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A post by Chris RowanA post by Anne JeffersonFrom this week, you get two link curators for the price of one; a combined list of the more interesting items from both of our Twitter feeds. Enjoy!


Seismologists on trial triggers scientific debate [Mixing up scientific & legal arguments? This will be messy]
(via @NatureNews)
Italian seismologists: What should they have said? [Agree with conclusion, but comparison with climate science is just daft]
(via @RonsGeoPicks)
Many photos from Haiti after the earthquake (latest of 8 parts)


Volcano porn [Including the best animated GIF ever – small version shown below] (H/T to Adventures in the world of Geology)
(via @Geoblogfeed)


Rift history & volcanism at continental margins [Ocean rifting is now known to be much more complex than when I was a student!]
(via @NOCnews)
Gen. McChrystal a victim of Eyjafjallaj\u00f6kull? No flights->boozy layover in Berlin with Rolling Stone reporter.


Giant dinosaurs used planet to warm their eggs [hot spring incubators. Fascinating]
(by @edyong209)
Flores ‘hobbits’ weren’t malformed humans [At least, not this month…]
(via @rowanNS)


Long-term effectiveness of CO2 sequestration may be undermined by leakage
(via @physorg_com)
Man-made global warming started with ancient hunters [killed grazing mammoths, changed grassland->forest]
(via @theAGU)
US scientist in race to learn from Indonesia’s dying glacier [‘could be gone in 4 or 5 years’]
(via @physorg_com)
Ellesmere Island fossil site sheds light on warming Arctic [High sensitivity to past changes in CO2]
(via @geology4u)
(Anne blogged about a threat to this site a few months back. It seems the proposed coal mine was rejected. Huzzah!)


UK progress on #climatechange is an illusion [emissions fallen due to recession, not +ve action]
(via @channel4news)
O Water, Water, Wherefore Art Thou Water? impact of climate change on freshwater resources.
(via @AGW_Prof)
RT @argillic: RT @yonatan_yahalom: Seattle Post Intelligencer: Arsenic water killing 1 in 5 exposed in Bangladesh
(via @argillic, @yonatan_yahalom)
Cutting up Australia. Sell off inefficient national parks: To protect plants, replace conservation parks
(via @rivrchik, @newscientist)
How Asian cities are built will determine the prospects for global carbon emissions
(via @TheEconomist)

General Geology

I gave it a good try, but now it’s your turn: Where on (Google)Earth no. 208
(via @clasticdetritus)
Loving the new NASA Earth Observatory layer in Google Earth:
Beautiful new high resolution geoid from #ESA Goce satellite. Didn’t know N Atlantic was such a gravity high…
Using sedimentation rates to infer long-term global climate change
(by @clasticdetritus)
Do I detect the birth of a meme? 10 Overrated Places to see before you die! The geologic version:
(via @geotripper)
Greenland Oil Exploration [companies have to front up \u20ac8 billion/hole before drilling. Q a deposit!]
(by @olelog)
The direct or indirect resistance to biomineralization theories [bacteria involved in forming ores?]
This is brilliant. Play Deep Earth Bingo at your next meeting, conference, and/or colloquium!
(via @mineralphys)

Interesting Miscellaney

Fiona Fox: He said/she said doesn’t work in sci journalism
Read @ivanoransky‘s tips on avoiding it
(via @edyong209 )
When scientific evidence is unwelcome, people try to reason it away [Rather sobering]
(via @guardianscience)

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