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A post by Chris RowanMore interesting geo-stuff I’ve highlighted for my followers on Twitter in the past 7 days, unsurprisingly dominated by the ongoing eruption of Eyjafjallajoekull. I’ve yet to find the definitive link on how to pronounce it, though.
I’m trying out dividing things into sub-categories this week, to make it seem like a bit less of a firehose.


Clear View of The Vent [of Eyjafjallajoekull]
(via @RonsGeoPicks)
Ice cap thaw may awaken Icelandic volcanoes [reduced pressure on magma chamber -> eruption?]
(via @RonsGeoPicks)
Iceland has 50-60-year cycles of volcano & quake activity. New eruption could signal years of heavy action to come:
(via @Reillymj)
Impact of Eyjafjallajoekull eruption on CO2 emissions. One for next climate sceptic rant on volcs.
(via @theneweconomics)
Incredible images & footage of Icelandic volcano [Some look almost unreal…]
(via @SciencePunk, @AlistairReid)
Good source of Iceland eruption links/webcams/videos/blogs/data:
(via @CPPGeophysics)
Very cool satellite image of volcanic plume from Eyjafjallajokull.
(via @NASA, @NASA_EO)
Footage of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupting under the Eyjafjallajokull glacier:
(via @polarwander)
The effects of volcanic dust on Britan’s climate could be severe [& everywhere else, presumably…]
(via @TimesScience)
A geopal who has studied sub-glacial eruptions in Iceland blogs some thoughts on Eyjafjallajokull eruption
Great piece on (slow) ecological recovery in wake of 1980 Mt St Helens eruption
(via @tpenews)
A tale of two volcanoes (very interesting)
(via @geographile, @swellyn)
Fascinating article on Toba eruption & early human migration – poss more complex than catastrophe->genetic bottleneck


Is recent earthquake activity unusual? Scientists say "no." [& apocalypse nuts across the net ignore them]
(via @USGS)
NASA’s Earthquake related visualizations:
(via @geographile, @caroldn)
NYT addresses the "so many earthquakes these days" perception [and q well, too]
(via @callanbentley)


Microbial life found in Hydrocarbon Lake raises hopes for exo-life on Titan? Though much lower temps there..
(via @kzelnio)
Great shots of Saturn’s moon Dione, showing (putative) tectonic faults via
(via @rowanNS, @Spacedotcom)
Water on Mars yet again
(via @NatureNews)

General Geology

10 Great Places to See Geology in Action!
(via @Geoblogfeed)
Stalagmite reveals carbon footprint of early Native Americans [through land use changes]
(via @tpenews)
Peruvian glacier split triggers deadly tsunami: [could be ongoing hazard as Andean glaciers melt?]
(via @CPPGeophysics)
Magnetic poles may once have been at equator [during ‘low latitude’ Neoproterozoic glaciations]
(via @newscientist)
Time-lapse video of Hawaiian lava flows
(via @dafydd2277, @geographile)

Interesting miscellaney

Good advice for academic writers. Avoid Bad Writing [Agree w/ major point if not *all* the specifics]
(via @history_geek)
(via @CPPGeophysics)
Hannibal\u2019s real Alpine trunk road to Rome is revealed [technically just strong candidate]
(via @history_geek)
Newspaper comments: Forget anonymity! The problem is community management: by Excellent!
(via @BoraZ, @scottros)
Oooh. : Cook’s first voyage around the world 1768-1771 (with Joseph Banks), maps, journal entries:
(via @SmallCasserole)
Spreading the seed of science [inc. how to identify that rarest of creatures, a science-literate MP]
(via @TimesScience)
Twittering is a difficult art form – if you are doing it right: (Think I’m roughly 80/20 mind/life casting)
(via @BoraZ)
Another perspective:
Unlectures [More discussion, less powerpoint?]
(via @kjhaxton)
Science and art, all in one: Sun’s cumulative path from June to December, as seen by a pinhole camera

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