A uniformitarian approach to Earth day

A post by Chris RowanIn considering what I should say about Earth Day, I find that the post I wrote two years ago is just as good a reflection of my feelings as it was when I originally posted it. So if you want to know what I think, go and read ‘A planet is for life, not just for Earth day’. A brief taster:

Whilst I’m never going to be completely opposed to attempts to get people to think more about their impact on our planet, and how we might do something to minimise it, it seems to me that focussing on today as a singular event is missing the point. If it’s to mean anything, this shouldn’t be the one day in the year when people “do something” for the environment; it should be the day when everyone reaffirms their commitment to do something every other day of the year, too.

I’m sure recycling prose is good for the environment somehow. However, if your inner consumer is in need of shiny new verbiage, others are being less lazy than me. Check out:

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