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A post by Chris RowanAnother 7 days’ worth of interesting links I shared on Twitter.
Kelvin Wave Renews El Nino [image]
(via @NASA_EO)
Barchan dunes / marauding jellyfish advancing north of Winnemucca
(via @geo_pathology)
One part of @brianshiro‘s job is monitoring the Earth’s magnetic field for the @USGS. Learn about it here (PDF):
Epic satellite picture of massive dust storm sweeping across S Sahara, Africa
@rschott has an updated list of geo blogs broken out into active and inactive
(via @sfoxx, @clasticdetritus)
What are all those grooves on Phobos? Possible Martian impact ejecta? Cool. , see also
(via @elakdawalla)
Friday Field Foto no. 105: Lava channel frozen in time [beautiful!]
(via @clasticdetritus)
Why Evolution is very right thank you very much. Beyond a ‘Darwin was wrong’ headline
(via @AdamRutherford)
Engaging the public on science? Surely you\u2019re joking! [UK Research councils have strategy for encouraging public engagement. Who knew?]
(via @BoraZ, @Mary_Spiro)
Students who understand earth is 4.5 biillion years old much more likely to understand evolution.’s_geological_age_and_evolution_linked
(via @RonsGeoPicks)
World’s oldest rivers mapped under huge desert dunes. [Can’t access journal to see actual map. Boo]
(via @ScienceSoWhat)
The Oldest Trees on the Planet
(via @ScienceSoWhat)
Corot finds Jupiter-like exoplanet with orbit in right temperature range for icy moons .
(via @esa)
Largest global earthquakes. [Nice plot showing that few large eqs release almost all seismic energy]
(via @Geoblogfeed)
Follow Scripps scientists this week as they map the Chile earthquake rupture site on the seafloor
(via @Scripps_Ocean)
The study that launched the @USGSted Twitter earthquake detector project: [Looking forward to the follow-up!]
LD PPC Mark Wright on importance of having scientists and engineers in parliament
(via @UKRC, @sciencecampaign)
Astoundingly beautiful. Planck sees tapestry of cold dust [in intragalactic space] (via , )
(via @kejames, @esa)
Do you want people to discuss your published work? [and do you mind that discussion being on blogs?]
(via @docfreeride)
America\u2019s largest shake table can test quake resilience of entire buildings (via )
(via @RonsGeoPicks)
Landslide in Maierato, Italy
[the one which was caught on video: ]
(via @NASA_EO)
(via @thedailymash)
Mars Express sees the far side of Phobos Nice one onto the north pole too.
(via @elakdawalla)
Except for 1 section in N Chile, whole plate boundary off W coast of South America has ruptured in last 150 years.
You should also check out this animation of the rupture.
Volcano Profile: Erta Ale ,
Home of the worlds most awesome lava lake: see also:
(via @Geoblogfeed)
Deep-sea volcanoes play key climate role. Source of iron, often a limiting nutrient for phytoplankton.
(via @geology4u)
Geo-neutrino anti-matter detected. Produced by radioactive decay inside Earth. Interesting
(via @TimesScience)
Ocean acidification: Why the climate change deniers don’t want to talk about it
(via @Geoblogfeed)
Pakistani Mud Volcanoes at NASA Earth Observatory [Natural ones]

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