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A post by Chris RowanAnother week’s worth of interesting links I shared via Twitter
Blog Post by @brianshiro – Earth and Space 2010 [great write-up of what sounds like an interesting conference]
Active reading techniques to improve understanding & retention [how to read sci papers effectively]
(via @Geoblogfeed)
Relative relatives [how do you accurately describe evolutionary relationships to a layman?]
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Icelandic eruption from space [shows lava flowing along drainage to east of lava fountains]
Plans to drill into Antarctic sub-ice lakes, including Vostok, are well underway it seems
Magnetotactic bacteria FTW! : Bacteria build a mini-pyramid
(via @ScienceSoWhat)
How small planets can have self-sustaining magnetic fields [inc. poss. asteroid Vesta! Only short lived ones of course]
How China overtook the US in renewable energy [with data on global clean energy spending/usage]
(via @guardianscience)
Telegraph Reports, "Oil Reserves ‘Exaggerated by 1/3’" An Analysis and Some Charts–Going In Depth
(via @TheOilDrum)
Japan creates elastic alloy to make earthquake-proof buildings. [if it works, lets hope its cheap-ish]
(via @geology4u)
Haiti, After the Quake [Interview with medic who has been on the ground in Port-au-Prince]
(via @RonsGeoPicks)
Island disputed by India and Bangladesh sinks below waves [Anyone else instantly think of Jingo?]
(via @guardianscience)
6 Ways We’re Already Geoengineering Earth [yes, it counts even when its unintended]
(via @highlyanne, @ScienceSoWhat)
Strain Is Accumulating On Istanbul
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Extreme palaeontology! How to collect a skeleton from cliff face with 200 m of sandstone as overburden
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When are freak weather events considered normal? How the unusual are becoming the expected:
(via @geographile, @BraveNewClimate)
More impressive "curtain of fire" movies from Iceland eruption: [night shots towards end]
(via @CPPGeophysics)
Mississippi River looking mighty indeed outside Saint Anthony Falls Laboratory today:
(via @stcNCED)
I am out-geeked. What is the tensile strength of rock and roll? (from @geographile)
(via @callanbentley @stressrelated, @geographile)
More detail on possiblity of Eyjafjallaj\u00f6kull eruption triggering Katla – has happened before, 3 times in 1100 years
Chileans’ quake knowledge saved thousands of lives [that, plus 30 seconds before most intense shaking]
How dinosaurs rose to prominence: early Atlantic rift volcanism linked to end-Triassic mass extinction
Earth’s rivers from space
(via @clasticdetritus)
Earthquakes, urbanization & fatalities [nice plot of fatalities vs quake magnitude – sadly, Haiti an outlier]
Perry Mason & the climate change deniers Great post on confusion over criminal vs scientific standards of evidence.
Weathering the Grenvillian landscape [outcrop photos of Neoproterozoic rift sediments]
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