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A post by Chris RowanWhen the winners of the 2010 Research Blogging Awards were announced earlier today, it was no surprise that Ed Yong deservedly won big or that Bora was crowned king of the Tweeters. However, it was a bit more of a surprise to discover that Highly Allochthonous was voted the best Conservation or Geosciences blog. And in another triumph for the geoblogosphere, the excellent Amphibol was top of the German research blog pile.

Research Blogging Awards 2010 Winner!

I can’t help being a little chuffed at this, although any good opinions of this blog’s effectiveness at distilling the scientific literature for the layman are almost certainly just as much a testament to my coblogger Anne’s excellent literature picks posts as any of my own semi-irregular research blogging. I’d like to thank whoever nominated us, and whoever liked what we do here enough to vote for us ahead of the other excellent contenders in our category: ConservationBytes , Dave’s Landslide Blog, Ecographica, In Terra Veritas, Southern Fried Science, Thriving Oceans, and Voltage gate. All are well worth checking out. In fact, all of the nominees found on the awards page are worthy additions to your feed reader.

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  1. Lab Lemming says:

    How do you manage to blog about research articles without putting your readership asleep?
    I find researchblogging is mostly useful for silencing my commenters.

  2. Ed Yong says:

    Congrats both of you! Glad my vote counted 😉

  3. Colo_kea says:

    Congratulations! Lots of good blogs up there with you. Well done.

  4. It is very difficult to produce high quality blog posts. You make a lot of them. Congratulations! A deserved award!

  5. suvrat says:

    Congratulations Chris!

  6. Silver Fox says:

    A well-deserved award – congrats to both of you!