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A post by Chris RowanFor more geo-link goodness, head over to Lockwood’s for the Flash Accretionary Wedge – you can suggest your own recent geological favourites whilst you’re there.
Demo of augmented reality maps – I can see some really cool possible geology applications for AR…
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Beautiful crenulated metasediments:
Plane light –
Polarized light –
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Proposals to extend geological timescale back beyond formation of Earth. Defining GSSP will be fun!
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A "history" of the climate wars, written from the vantage point of the future by Spencer Weart: by Excellent
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Easterbrook on the quality of #climate science code ?p=1388
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Maps of global fatal landslides
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Hawaii Lava Flows – ASTER Image Gallery [satellite thermal images of lava entering sea]
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Waves from California collapse ice shelves in Antarctica? ["infragravity waves"? How Dr. Evil.]
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Video: Saturn’s auroras captured by Hubble space telescope
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Ediacaran oceans v chemically stratified & dynamic Based on Doushantuo in S China; but is it representative?–npo020810.php
Sparks fly in Sakura-jima eruption [wow – lava fountains with added lightning!]
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Finding a Secret Map to Erosion [cosmogenic isotope levels in sed -> timescale of erosion. Cool!]
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Excellent piece on macroeconomics of climate policy. The "invisible hand" seen without clothes: by
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People vs. the Rover [cool N Mexico volcanic outcrops, thoughts on limitations of robot geologists]
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Haiti as a Metaphor Haiti eq "surprise" despite warnings, other looming earth/environmental disasters may be same?
Are we running out of materials? Once again, economists claim civilisation can break The Physical Laws of the Universe
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Using Earthquakes & Magma Viscosity to Predict Eruptions? More viscous->longer ‘run-up’
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Bird-from-dinosaur theory of evolution challenged
More than the view of one scientist? Perhaps not
Future earthquake risk in Haiti Nice interpreted SAR image. Rupture didn’t break surface, significant thrust component.
A TREE RING RECORD FROM DEEP SEA OFF OF ANTARCTICA Wow, 1"/year deposition rate, seasonal banding.
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[Lots and lots of!] Dust over Iran
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Fabulous! : Soufriere Hills puts on night-time pyroclastic flow show
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Wired: Stunningly Preserved 165-Million-Year Old Spider Fossil from China ‘Stunning’ well earned in this case.
UK spring: 1976-2000, timing of reproduction and population growth >11 days earlier, change accelerating
Techno-Archaeology Rescues Climate Data from Early Satellites – might extend sea ice record back to 60s.
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Blood iPhones? [or, more specifically, blood tantalite/niobite]
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Defusing the Methane Timebomb methane munching bacteria may eat results of clathrate breakdown.
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Hmmm. A new addition to my excursion list? : Laacher See: The caldera in the middle of Europe
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Tafoni Occurs In Basalts Too [Tafoni=ellipsoidal weathering features, but I’m sure you knew that]
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Drought in SW Australia linked to increased snowfall in Antarctica A "precipitation see-saw"
Nice interview: Lamont Seismologist answers question on #Haiti #earthquake
New paper lists quakes that have caused most ground shaking. High magnitude does not always -> most shaking, damage.
A Landscape Created by the Earthquake of 1700, Washington State.
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