To our amazing readers, we are humbled. Post requests are now open.

A post by Anne JeffersonGeoblog readers are truly amazing. Between you, you gave $8660, making earth science a hands-on reality for 1270 students. Forty-three of you, with a little help from HP, gave more than readers of any other ScienceBlog. Thank you. Your generosity humbles me.
A few weeks ago, during Earth Science Week, I offered up posts by Chris and I on topics of our readers’ choice. Then Kim willingly jumped in to help. We promised to write one post for each project completely funded during the week with help from geoblogs readers. By the end of the week, you all had funded five amazing projects:

Check out the links above to see thank you notes from the teachers and photos of the projects in action. Seeing the students excitedly looking at rocks is the biggest reward I can imagine. But, if you want us to reward you by producing posts on topics that get you excited, here’s your chance to nominate the topic.

In the comment thread below, make your requests, and Chris, Kim, and I will look through them and select five topics that we feel most able to answer. Then we’ll get to work fulfilling them as we can manage in our busy schedules. Maybe we’ll get inspired and pick up even more of your ideas for future posts.

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  1. Matt says:

    Update on Lusi mud volcano?
    End-Permian extinction (& any relevance to present day climate change)

  2. Jr says:

    Please tell us what the major open problems in geology are.

  3. Lab Lemming says:

    If you could both put together “How I got tenure” posts once the necessary background work is done, that would rock.

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