Thanks for giving kids the Earth (Science)

A post by Anne JeffersonIn October, we happily took part in the DonorsChoose Social Media Challenge, teaming up with All of My Faults are Stress-Related and Eruptions to create a geoblog generosity trifecta. We got amazing results, with geoblogs readers giving $8660 to our challenge.
Part of that money was contributed by a generous match from HP, and they have distributed giving codes to all challenge donors. If you gave to a DonorsChoose challenge in October, check your email for a link to put that HP match into action. All you have to do is follow the link, select the project(s) of your choice, and spend HP’s money.
Chris, Kim, and I also promised you that we would write 5 posts of you choice, but so far we’ve only gotten suggestions from three people. Suggest away and give us some inspiration to post here.
Finally, I wanted to share with you the most wonderful thanks I’ve gotten for contributing to the challenge. Donors who give $100 to a single project, or contribute the amount needed to fully fund the project, get a packet of thank you letters from the students. I helped complete a project that gave copies of Seymour Simon’s book Mountains to a classroom in Utah. Here are a sampling of the thank you letters I received:
(Click to enlarge.)

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Comments (3)

  1. Kevin Z says:

    WOOHOO!! You know, between Oceanbloggers and Geobloggers, we raised over $13,300 and impacted more than 3,300 students!!!

  2. Art says:

    Outstanding. Keep up the good work.

  3. Kim says:

    I’ve added a bunch more projects to the giving page, so for anyone who wants help finding projects dealing with weather, water, or rocks & minerals, there are more projects there now.
    (Most of the projects that we initially selected were funded! Wow!)